Three years later the NASEM report on e-cigs is out of date

Physicians for a Smokefree Canada just released this blog post which is an excellent summary of how the state of knowledge has advanced substantially since the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine released its report on e-cigarettes in 2018. While the report was a good summary of the evidence when it was prepared, weContinue reading “Three years later the NASEM report on e-cigs is out of date”

Youth e-cig use triples likelihood of daily cig smoking

The evidence that e-cigarettes are a gateway for smoking is strong and consistent. Now John Pierce and his colleagues have made that connection even stronger by showing that e-cigarette use strongly predicts daily cigarette smoking. (Previous studies measured current cigarette smoking, meaning in the past 30 days.) Their paper, “Use of E-cigarettes and Other TobaccoContinue reading “Youth e-cig use triples likelihood of daily cig smoking”

More evidence that e-cigs expanding nicotine addiction

Since the introduction of e-cigarettes to the U.S. market, use has increased rapidly among youth. Some have argued that, while not optimal, this increase represents kids who would otherwise have smoked cigarettes. In particular, Levy et al (Levy et al., 2017, Levy et al. 2018) concluded that the decline in U.S. youth cigarette smoking acceleratedContinue reading “More evidence that e-cigs expanding nicotine addiction”

Major EU scientific committee highlights e-cig dangers, gateway effect

On 23 September 2020, the European Commissions’ Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) issued its Preliminary Opinion on electronic cigarettes  at a request from the Commission “to assist the Commission in assessing the most recent scientific and technical information on e-cigarettes. Findings presented in the scientific opinion will feed into the Commission’sContinue reading “Major EU scientific committee highlights e-cig dangers, gateway effect”