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FDA blocks some popular (but illegal) e-cigs at the border

Most e-cigarettes sold in the United States are imported (mostly from China).  FDA has allowed these products to be imported and sold despite them lacking FDA authorization.  Any and all e-cigarettes sold in the US without premarket authorization are illegal, although FDA has used its “enforcement discretion” to allow many to remain on the market.…

Two new reviews summarize how e-cigs adversely affect the cardiovascular system

As with cigarette smoking, e-cigarettes have major adverse effects on the cardiovascular system. And, in contrast to cancer, these changes occur quickly. Two recent papers, Association of Electronic Cigarette Exposure on Cardiovascular Health: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and Cardiovascular/Cardiometabolic Health, provide comprehensive summaries on the specific adverse biological effects…

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