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UC publishes oral history of Stan Glantz’ career

Today the Oral History Center at the UC Bancroft Library published an oral history of my career. Here is the Center’s announcement, together with a link to the history, which is freely available to all: New Oral History – Stanton Glantz: Putting Cardiovascular, Epidemiological, Economic, Political, and Policy Research into Action at UC San Francisco…

Secondhand smoke increases bladder cancer risk

We have known since the 1980s that secondhand tobacco smoke causes lung cancer, but there has not been much attention to whether secondhand smoke causes other cancers that active smoking causes. I recently became aware of a well-done meta-analysis of the association between secondhand smoke and bladder cancer. (Bladder cancer is right behind lung cancer…

FDA inches ahead by denying marketing order for RJR Vuse Solo menthol

FDA has continued to deny marketing authorization for menthol e-cigarettes with its March 17, 2023 announcement that it had denied marketing authorization for two RJR Vuse Solo menthol cartridges. This action follows FDA denials for RJR Vuse Ciro menthol and JTI Logic menthol e-cigarettes. While FDA does not make its detailed analysis public for marketing…

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