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Altria moving toward entering US marijuana market

Altria (owner of Philip Morris) has made two moves to get ready to enter the US marijuana market. It registered to lobby on marijuana commercialization in Virginia and has submitted two US patents for cannabis vaporization devices. According to the report in Cannabis Wire, “Altria supports the federal legalization of cannabis under an appropriate regulatoryContinue reading “Altria moving toward entering US marijuana market”

Smoke-free laws and cigarette taxes impact smoking behavior trajectories in youth and young adults

All smokers’ behavior is not the same. We and others has identified five trajectories of smoking behavior over time among youth and young adults based on demographic characteristics (graph above). Now Dorie Apollonio, Lauren Dutra and I have expanded this work to include the effects of changing tobacco control policies — smokefree laws and taxesContinue reading “Smoke-free laws and cigarette taxes impact smoking behavior trajectories in youth and young adults”

More opioid industry documents being made public

Just as litigation against the tobacco companies beginning with the Minnesota settlement has led to over 90 million pages of previously secret tobacco industry documents being made public, the recent settlement between state attorneys general and with McKinsey Company will make internal McKinsey documents available to the public. The tobacco industry documents have led toContinue reading “More opioid industry documents being made public”

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